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At VitrineMedia, we want to connect you with your customers quickly & effectively, regardless of your industry our LED backlit displays & Digital Displays will create this opportunity for you. Our mission is to make sure that we have made and delivered the best possible range of Backlit LED products the world over and put them in the windows of your businesses.

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At VitrineMedia, we know what your market needs, and the best way to deliver a winning result for you. At Vitrine our services include ultra-low powered LED Backlit displays, LED digital displays, printing and design services (but we are happy to talk about what is going to work with your particular location or display needs).

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Back-Lit LED Displays

Successful companies are incorporating high impact back-lit LED technology due to its low cost and flexibility into their marketing strategy to attract attention, influence purchase decisions, and fully optimize the customer experience.

Digital Displays

We know you invest and commit significant time and money to the marketing of your products and services. The experience you are creating goes beyond basic signage. Digital media technology brings life to messaging in real time.

Best of Both Worlds

By complimenting and integrating both back-lit LED and digital signage together there is an opportunity to take your client experience to another level and stand out from the crowd.

Our Projects

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A Window Display & Wall Mounted Display Platforms that is Doubling in Growth Worldwide

An excellent overview of how our solutions impact our Customer’s Business – providing them with Strategic Value & a Competitive Advantage.

Practice areas & Solutions

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Smart backlit LED & LED digital signage to boost your sales game. Say no to complex equipment and costly IT projects. Keep the focus on your customer.

Real Estate Displays - VitrineMedia New Zealand
Real estates are so well known for their impressive backlit window displays & digital window displays., either singular or laced, in the shop window is commonly referred to as Real Estate Display Signs. Not limited to real estate’s, of course, these digital displays offer stunning image clarity, unrivaled flexibility and a backlit display that works around the clock.
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Lightbox Window Displays LED-Backlit
Latest trends for Retail marketing solutions are Backlit LED Window Display signage & digital display, either wall mounted or window displays. This is where VitrineMedia – can play such a key role in every sense of the term.  Our quality panels are sure to drive attention and drive sales
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Café & Restaurant Menu Board Displays

Gloria Jeans CaseStudy VitrineMedia LED Real Estate Windows Displays
Images so good you can almost taste! Café & Restaurant Menu display is a great addition to any restaurant, fast food outlet or take away place. Customers are able to view prices and products that you have on offer. Menu displays allow fast food restaurants to serve more walk in customers quickly. 
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Other Industries We Serve

  • Automotive
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Pharmacies
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Commercial 

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VitrineMedia New Zealand - Backlit LED Displays - LED Digital Displays
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Innovative Technology

We accomplish this via innovative technology; sources of light and imagery – in particular, the deployment of back-lit LED displays and cloud based digital media display solutions.

VitrineMedia New Zealand- Real Estate Displays Engagement
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