Regardless of your Business, innovative signage can help give you an edge in todays competitive maarket let us brighten up your business

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Eco-Friendly Solutions

Together with our partner, Vitrine Media, we are passionate about energy wise and sustainable solutions. As respective global leaders, our patented technology leads the way with the brightest back-lit displays at 6500 lumens, no heat generation, 24volt system for safety, lowest power consumption-carbon footprint, longest lifespan (10 years) and recyclable translucent paper.

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VitrineMedia New Zealand - Eco Friendly LED Displays

Back-Lit LED Displays

Successful companies are incorporating high impact back-lit LED technology due to its low cost and flexibility into their marketing strategy to attract attention, influence purchase decisions, and fully optimize the customer experience.

Digital Media Displays

We know you invest and commit significant time and money to the marketing of your products and services. The experience you are creating goes beyond basic signage. Digital media technology brings life to messaging in real time.

Best of Both Worlds

By complimenting and integrating both back-lit LED and digital signage together there is an opportunity to take your client experience to another level and stand out from the crowd.

Why You Need

Back-lit LED/Digital Signage. Big Benefits.

Almost 75% of consumers today believe high impact, customer facing signage reflects the quality of a product or service – and almost 80% entered a business they never visited before based on lit signage. The importance of the proper signage is a must and is quickly becoming the norm and the ‘face’ of any business with window frontage.


Enhance & Light Up Your Brand & Visibility

Your Brand is Everything! Is your window frontage using paper today? Bring your message alive with LED back-lit displays and digital signage to help enhance your brand.

VitrineMedia New Zealand- Real Estate Displays Engagement

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Back-lit LED displays are relatively new to North America. Now is the time to jump out in front and light your way. What are your competitors doing? What are you doing?


Attract Attention & Increase Traffic 7-24

Draw attention & increase traffic by up to 400% with back-lit LED signage! 60% of customers indicated poor signage deters them from entering a business.

Back-Lit Signage is Critical

Look around today and you will see many window fronts and offices have not been maximized to their full potential. Unfortunately, not addressing the issue can negatively impact a brand’s image and ability to capture the attention of the targeted audience.

Innovative Products & Solutions

Our products are designed for all industries and come in various form factors to help you get the high impact you are looking for in your messaging. Our LED back-lit displays use special back-lit paper that can be printed on with your own office printers.


Our most popluar double sided back-lit LED display

The innovative and hybrid VM TWO back-lit LED display panel will allow you to increase your visibility by communicating elegantly whilst aligning with the rules of traditional window displays.



Close up of LED Lightbox Slimline Display

Technical Specifications



Make a statement with our back-lit banner

Revolutionize and showcase your message with the VM Panoramic back-lit Banner display. With its clean, minimalist design, rounded edges and hidden

brackets, this display is the star of our collection. It lends itself perfectly to a multitude of configurations and layouts thanks to its versatility of orientation
landscape or portrait.


LED Lightboxes & LED Window Hanging Cable Displays

Technical Specifications


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