One of the most valuable currencies in the world is attention. If you can command people’s attention, you can then use that attention as a pathway to better sales.

No matter how special the service you offer, how innovative your product, or how great your customer assistance is, getting people to pay attention to your business and services is crucial to your bottom line.

While there are many ways of gaining people’s attention, one of the simplest and most effective ways is with a backlit sign.

Lets People Know You Are Open

Backlit signs are one of the best ways to have people take notice, especially at night. Backlit signs tend to be more readable and look more professional and inviting.

People often feel unsure if a business is even open—despite having the lights on the inside if the outside signs are not backlit. Close to half of the potential customers cited low visibility signs as the reason for not entering a business.

A well-placed backlit sign assures people your business is open and ready to serve them.

Backlighting Increases Prospect Awareness

People are used to walking past advertisement signs and often will not even register that you had a sign up in the first place. However, light draws people’s eyes unconsciously. When you have a backlit sign, it will naturally attract passersby to your display over the surrounding environment. In fact, they’ll notice it by up to 35% more.

Furthermore, a backlit sign is still readable during bad weather like heavy rain or snow, unlike traditional signs, which can be challenging to see, let alone read. A backlit sign will still be able to advertise your business rain or shine, day or night.

If you are worried about the lifetime of the backlit signs, then worry not. Vitrine Media offers LED panels with a life span of up to 80,000 hours of illumination.

Increases Sales Dramatically

Using a backlit sign could increase your sales by as much as 30%. Not only does it draw more attention to your product, but proper lighting can make the product you are advertising shine and look unique.

Scientific studies have shown that humans are instinctively predisposed to like shiny objects, because they remind the human brain of water. Water is necessary for human survival, naturally drawing people’s attention. Similarly, a well-lit shiny sign will be considered valuable, and the human brain will pay attention to it.

In short, unlike a dull unlit sign, a backlit sign will automatically get potential customers to perceive your product or service as something valuable and worth their time.

Get the Attention You Deserve

VitrineMedia can help you get noticed by people who need your business’ services. Our New Zealand-based company specializes in business signage solutions.

Your business could potentially see a turnaround in as little as ten days after you install one of our custom-built backlit signs. Don’t get left in the dark; contact VitrineMedia today and illuminate your business’s future.

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