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There are plenty of reasons why you should illuminate a sign box. Backlit boxes stand out better and have a more pronounced visual effect on potential clients. Why should you illuminate a sign box?

Lighting sign boxes are easy to see and are ideal for advertising products on banners, real estate designs, commercial retail stores, and other locations. It is crucial to work with reputable and professional partners when looking for a backlit light box design.

VitrineMedia in Australia and New Zealand offers high-quality LED display services ideal for your business needs!

Pros of Backlit Boxes

There are plenty of benefits to opting for a backlit box design for your business. Backlit box displays offer a customizable, cost-effective, and efficient method that you can use to market business products and services while simultaneously attracting clients to your store.

Here are some of the pros of having a backlit sign box:

  • They’re highly customizable.
  • They offer a visually appealing display.
  • They’re durable.
  • They include energy-saving features.

Cons of Backlit Boxes

Backlit sign boxes have several limitations that can affect the overall efficiency of your business. Most of the constraints narrow down to costs, whereby depending on the design, you might have to put in a considerable investment cost for installation, maintenance, etc.

Here are the cons of backlit sign boxes:

  • Installation may be costly.
  • The product is more expensive than traditional sign boxes.
  • There are maintenance costs involved.

Design Elements of Illuminated Sign Boxes

Illuminated sign boxes are ideal options for a company or business to increase brand awareness, improve visibility, or stand out from other enterprises offering similar products.

Research shows that backlit sign boxes can positively drive sales compared to similar non-illuminated designs. However, it is crucial to consider the key features that make your illuminated sign box stand out and offer an exceptional service.

Common design elements of an illuminated sign box include:

Simplicity – Always keep your sign box design as simple as possible by considering font design, scale, size, etc. Most prospects rarely have the time to decipher and read through complex designs. Instead, opt for something that catches the eye of the reader and is easy for them to remember.

Location – A sign is only as good as its location. When designing a backlit sign box for your business, it is crucial to consider the position of the display. A front desk sign can be considerably larger while still relating to the parent company for the reader to understand. You can try blending in a corporate brand colour to complement the backlit sign design.

Graphics – Quality graphics are a fundamental aspect of good signage. Always opt for appealing graphics that match your brand. Signs with quality graphics can give your business a competitive edge and readily stand out to new buyers.

Contrast – Contrast is vital when creating a visually appealing product. You can use different colours to add a touch of contrast to your signage and make it easy for prospective clients to read your sign from a distance.

Expertise – It is always best to work with trained professionals when looking for a signage option. You can contact skilled providers for consultation, advice, comparisons, and other services either online or by visiting their company stores.

At VitrineMedia, we have a group of trained professionals ready and willing to help you find the best backlit sign box designs for your business. Contact us today to learn about our products.

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