VitrineMedia LEB BY US Backlit Paper

If you’re a company that uses LED displays for advertising, you need to be using VM backlight paper in your displays. It’s perfect for many types of businesses, including real estate offices, schools, and other businesses, as it will make your visual advertising stand out more.

What Is Backlight Paper?

Backlight paper for LED displays allows you to print visuals on your usual inkjet or laser printer. Once inserted into the display box, this paper allows light to pass through. The result is that your advertising has a special pop that is not available without it. Unlike printing on standard paper, your images will look crisp, and not smoky. Therefore, they will do a much better job attracting attention and conveying your brand’s voice.

Why You Should Use VM Backlight Paper

If you need to capture your audience’s attention at your physical location, this paper from VitrineMedia New Zealand is the perfect solution when printed and inserted into your LED display box. This solution is especially beneficial to companies who want to create advertising in dimly lit areas. You’ll be sure to love the display contrast, which makes it easy for your clientele to read your information. This is the perfect solution for organisations looking to present a dynamic message at a low cost.

How to Create Messages on VM Backlight Paper

The process of creating your message on VM backlight paper is straightforward. Start by producing your message on any computer screen connected to a laser or inkjet printer. Send the information to the printer and ensure it is in manual mode. Then, remove the special film attached to the backlight paper and insert it into the printer. There is a special coating on the paper that will be removed during the printing process. After the printer spits out the paper, let it cool for a minute or two. Then, attach it to your LED display unit. You can store the printed paper in a cool, dry spot for the next time you decide to change ads or messages.

Two Options in VM Backlight Paper

Printing on VM backlight paper from VitrineMedia New Zealand is extremely easy, but you need to make sure to choose the right paper. Select 125G backlight paper if you have an inkjet printer. This will produce a mirror image, so make sure that your words and pictures are written in reverse to display correctly. Choosing 180G backlight paper lets you print with either a laser or inkjet printer. Insert the paper so that your image will print on the matte side.

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