LED Display Paper – Backlit Paper

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Premium LED Display Paper – Backlit Paper – Bonus 20% discount when you buy 4 or more!

Send a clear message and display your products using backlit technology. This will give you unrivaled light intensity and ensure optimal quality for your prints using Backlit Paper



It comes in A4 and A3 sizes for both Laser and Ink Jet Printers.

What’s Included

Includes 100 sheets.

Printing How-To

Ink Jet Printers

Please use the by-pass tray ONLY. Printing must be done on the matt side of the paper. Place the paper in the by-pass tray matt-side up. The image is printed on the matt side but viewed from the gloss side, for this reason, the source image must be mirrored prior to printing to account for this inversion.

Laser Printers

Please use the by-pass tray ONLY. Printing must be done on the matt side of the paper. Place the paper in the by-pass tray matt-side up (or as specified by your print settings).  Please do not use ordinary paper as it voids the warranty should any ink bleed onto your displays plus your images will come out grey and dull.

VM BACKLIGHT 125g sheets are designed to get the best out of your visuals printed from your inkjet printer. They have both a matte and a glossy side. They guarantee impeccable results, without leaving streaks on the surface of your displays.

Good to know:

Remember to leave a drying time of about 2 minutes after printing and avoid touching the printed side to avoid leaving your fingerprints on the image.

Once your prints are finished, store your packs away from all sources of moisture and heat that could deform your sheet boxes.


Backlit Paper sheets are a specific medium that enables you to get the most out of your LED displays and poster-holders, whatever the range (VM One Hybrid, VM Two, …) and the format (from A4 to A0, including banners and round, square, diamond formats, etc.).

The Backlit Paper offers unique colour rendering and contrasts, thus enabling you to make your visuals and your campaigns shine.

We strongly advise against printing on conventional printer paper, as it does not allow light to shine through it and gives a dull, mottled look to your content and ads.

Indeed, the rendering of a visual printed on normal paper is 30% less bright than if it was printed on BACKLIGHT sheets specially designed for your displays!



A3, A4

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